Flap and Graft Repair Brighton

For larger lesions and treatment of some areas on the head and neck it is sometimes necessary to perform a more complicated repair borrowing skin from another area.  This is necessary when there isn’t enough spare skin to bring the wound together easily.  If the skin is borrowed from next to the wound this is a flap repair and will leave you with a larger unusual shaped scar.  If the skin is borrowed from a different site it will leave a round scar the same size as the wound however this scar will be dipped and noticable.  The donor site is stitched together and will leave a linear scar.  The chance of complications are higher with these complex procedures and antibiotics are usually prescribed for the first week after treatment. You will be asked to attend for a wound check and stitch removal at one week. Further appointments may be required depending on how you are healing.  It is important to rest after a flap or graft repair as excessive exercise can cause bleeding or stretching of the scar leading to a poorer result. If you are intending on travelling in the 6 weeks after your treatment please let Dr DeGiovanni know.


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