Excision Treatment Brighton

http://apanda.org/197460-dts86032-gay-dating-de-puebla-de-alcocer.html This procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic and usually requires a series of injections. Once the area is numb the lesion is removed with a bit of normal skin around it.  A triangle of skin is removed from either end of the scar to ensure that the scar lies flat as a raised scar will reflect light poorly and will be much more noticeable. The scar is usually 3-4 times as long as the lesion.  Heat will be used to stop any bleeding and the wound will be stitched either with dissolvable stitches or a combination of dissolving stitches and stitches that will need to be removed.  You will be asked to attend for a wound check and stitch removal one to two weeks after your procedure. It is important to minimise heavy activity after excision as excess muscle movement under the skin can cause bleeding or stretching of the scar leading to a poorer result.  If you are intending on traveling in the 6 weeks after your treatment please let Dr DeGiovanni know.


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